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BlackWing Farms

This is a must have for animals with a fear of loud noises and/or thunderstorm anxiety.

Creates a feeling of safety no matter what is going on around them. Perfect for excitable or reactive dogs and cats.

Use for nervous and neurotic phobias such as travel worries and trips to the groomer.

Entirely plant-based. No side effects. No chemicals.

Contains flower essences of Star Tulip, Star of Bethlehem, Clematis, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, and Impatiens.

Flower essences improve problematic behavior, attitudes, emotions, and patterns of learning.

Essences are simple, effective, and highly successful because they go to the root cause of mental and emotional problems.

Directions: For best results shake well. Use 2-6 sprays, 2-4 times daily in animal's drinking water, in treats, on food, or mist environment.

Use within 3 months of opening. Store in cool, dry place.

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BWF-AD Drama-Trauma, 2 oz. spray Each $24.99
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 - Tuesday, April 08, 2014
Shelter Blend, Drama Trauma, and Comfort
Reviewed By:  Dianne M. Swaidner (Cleveland, Ohio) 
I started using Shelter Blend when my tuxedo kitty, Oreo, started having chronic feline idiopathic cystitis. She was stressed because of all the other rescues in our home. I sprayed their water bowls and now, years later, they all tolerate one another. And Oreo has not had an episode of blood in her urine since! Our vet said many other pet guardians would have euthanized their pet because of this. PLEASE use these BlackWing remedies - they work!!!!!

 - Friday, April 04, 2014
Drama Trauma & Shelter Blend
Reviewed By:  Deb (Melbourne, FL) 
I have used Shelter Blend,Drama Trauma, Calm Balm, Brave Balm, Home Alone and many others. Mostly use Shelter Blend since Meg came up with it after Hurricane Katrina, for my Feral Cats. I used to just use it while transporting Ferals to and from TNR Clinics. I started using it full time last year after losing 6 cats to a coyote and brought all the Ferals into my screened pool area and my home. Most of the Ferals are now friendly and many even sit in our laps or lay on the bed with us. It is because of Shelter Blend that all 25 cats get along under one roof!

 - Friday, March 21, 2014
Drama Trauma WORKS!
Reviewed By:  Ingrid R (Fallbrook, CA) 
I have used Shelter Blend sporadically until I became "desperate". Having an In-Home-Boarding business, where we don not have kennels or cages, Shelter Blend and now Drama Trauma are GOD SENT!. I use it in my home, dogs bedding, water bowls, car rides, is Magical. I buy it in bulk and highly recommend it. It works better when you use it, than not. :)
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