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Doggie Dooley® Inground Waste Disposal System Model 3000

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Doggie Dooley® Inground Waste Disposal System Model 3000

Hueter Toledo

"Septic Tank Style"

A galvanized aluminum tank with a hard plastic lid which accommodates 2 large or 4 small dogs. Comes with a foot operated lid opener and a starter supply of digester.

Inground waste disposal systems work like miniature septic tanks, utilizing bacterial enzyme cultures to reduce pet waste to a ground-absorbing liquid. Simply install in the ground, shovel stools into the system, occasionally add water and the digester powder. Clean, convenient and an environmentally friendly way to dispose of pet waste.

The bacterial enzymes are living organisms and they go dormant when the ground temperature drops to less than 40°F for sustained periods of time. Therefore, you should not add waste to the tanks during this time.

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