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Dimethyl Sulfoxide (CH3)SO
This product is intended for use as a solvent only. May cause skin irritation. Not approved for human use. Keep out of reach of children.

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V2-A1 DMSO 90% Pure Gel, 4 oz jar Each $3.89
In Stock
V2-A2 DMSO 90% Pure Gel, 16 oz jar Each $9.49
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V2-A3 DMSO 99% Pure Liquid, gallon
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1 - 3
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V2-A4 DMSO 99% Pure Liquid, 16 oz bottle (shown) Each $8.49
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V2-A5 DMSO 99% Pure Liquid, 3 oz roll on Each $4.95
In Stock

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 - Thursday, August 08, 2013
miracle human healer also
Reviewed By:  LINA (FRANKLIN, NH) 
I have used the Rollon DMSO for years, and bruises, cuts, sores, soreness, several times deep cuts, I stop the bleeding by pressure then apply DMSO, the bleeding stops and cut closes, use bandage for protection, and never any ill effects you usually have. It's amazing. I dropped a big hand drill from 4 ft up on big toe, I saw a big V cut, before it actually started to bleed I saturated toe w/DMSO then gauze, no pain no blood no scar. I buy a case and share it w/everyone. Gloves not necessary as someone suggested but ALWAYS clean surfaces where applied, hands included.

 - Monday, September 12, 2011
Reviewed By:  Rennii (Troy, Alabama) 
when my mare got kicked in the leg and developed a hematoma,we took her to the vet, where they perscribed DMSO, we put the DMSO on her once daily and she cleared up in a couple of days, now you can't even tell that there was a hematoma there, thanks DMSO!!

 - Monday, February 07, 2011
Good Bye hoof rot
Reviewed By:  Kara (Beavercreek, OR) 
We use this to treat hoof rot when we are having a hard time dealing with it here in the rainy North West. We mix the DMSO gel with M0-SD SulfaMed-G powder. After a good trimming of the hoof we rub this on the hoof and cover carefully with vet wrap. The vet wrap will fall off in a few days and the hoof rot will be cleared up. Be sure to wear gloves when handling DMSO.
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