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Disaster Relief

Help Animals effected by Hurricane Sandy!

We will be accepting donations to be sent to the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy to help the many people who are helping the animals displaced and/or injured in the storms. There is a great need for food, bedding, crates and common first aid/medical supplies.

If you'd like to help, you MUST place a SEPARATE order with Jeffers - Disaster Relief in the SHIP TO address (see below) and a comment stating if you have a preference where or to whom it goes (State, City, or Organization).

The shipping address for ALL donations MUST be:

Jeffers - Disaster Relief
310 W Saunders Rd
Dothan, AL 36301

Please add the coupon code SANDY at checkout.
(Use of this code for non-donation orders will slow down your
order significantly and will NOT result in any discount!)

These items will be stockpiled until we have a full load and then sent to those in need. All monetary donations will be used to provide needed supplies.

The items below are just a few suggestions based on commonly needed items. You are more than welcome to make a specific donation that is not shown here.

Freight and shipping/service charges will be refunded when the order is processed. (ON DONATION ORDERS ONLY!)

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