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Dingo® Dental Chews

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Dingo® Dental Chews

8in1 (United Pet Group, Inc.)

Teeth Whitening Chews

Unique texture and formula to help promote good oral health by removing tarter and plaque.
Easy to chew and fully digestable.
With Bromelain Enzyme for healthy digestion and Chlorophyll to help prevent "Doggie Breath," these treats taste great, keep breath fresh and teeth white.

Never leave a pet unattended with any treat or toy!

Made in China.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
LP-TA Dingo® Dental Chews, MINI, 15 pack Each $4.79
In Stock
LP-TB Dingo® Dental Chews, MINI, 24 pack Each $6.69
In Stock
LP-TC Dingo® Dental Chews, REGULAR, 8 pack Each $6.69
In Stock

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 - Monday, July 09, 2012
Reviewed By:  Ron (Dothan, AL) 
Just to clarify something from the last review... The problem a few years ago was not the wheat gluten per sé... it was contaminated wheat gluten. This is an important distinction as any product could become contaminated. Many people avoid wheat gluten for digestive issues such as Celiac disease, but to avoid it because of a contamination is like never eating eggs because you found a bad one once.

 - Friday, July 06, 2012
Scary ingredients!!
Reviewed By:  Trish F. (Mocksville, NC) 
I just received the pack of Dingo Denta treats along with several other items that I ordered online from Jeffers. I was shocked whenever I read the label and discovered that FIRST INGREDIENT is wheat gluten!!! We all remember the horrible incidents 2 years ago where dogs were getting violently ill and dying from WHEAT GLUTEN. This product's ingredients are not listed on the Jeffers website, and it was totally my fault that I did not research this product before I ordered it. Lesson learned...I will never, EVER order another treat online without making 100% sure I know what the ingredients are first!! I love my dogs way too much to feed them this product. It's going into the trash.

 - Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Great so far
Reviewed By:  SomerBreze (Jacksonville, FL) 
I have a 4lb, 19 mth old Pom. He came to me with major problems to both back top molars on either side of his mouth. The right one had very thick, hard tartar on it. Thanks to these, that has now been fully chipped off and that tooth is super white!!! The left back molar is a work in process. I had to cut the minis into tiny pieces to start with, but now I only have to cut each half in half. Considering my Pom was EXTREMELY fussy when I got him..... he LOVES these! Thank you Dingo Denta-Treats - and THANK you JeffersPet for suppling them!
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