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Jeffers GIft Card - The Perfect Gift!

Dental Rings™

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Dental Rings™

Omega Paw, Inc.

Let your dog brush his own teeth.

Inside each Dental Ring are many layers of polishing paper that brush your dog’s teeth as they chew. Safely cleans teeth down to the gum line. Whitens teeth and freshens breath. Helps remove plaque and tartar.

Use as directed.

The Dental Ring is a cleaning device, not a treat or chew toy.

Never leave your pet unattended with any chewable item.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
57-D4 Dental Rings™, Small (3 Pack) Each $5.99
In Stock
57-D3 Dental Rings™, Large (3 Pack) Each $5.99
In Stock

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 - Sunday, April 01, 2012
the ones with pumice were better
Reviewed By:  claudia (Stamford, Ct) 
we have had 4 dogs who loved the rings with the pumice. Our 2 current dogs still have a few of the pumice ones left. these new ones aren't as good but since the pumice ones are no longer available, the new ones are better than not having any.

 - Thursday, February 02, 2012
Horrible product
Reviewed By:  Kelly (Boston, MA) 
I received this combined with the "Stop Paw Licking". I was very excited to give them a try; however, my 2 year-old lab destroyed the cardboard in a matter of seconds and it was in a million pieces. I had to take it away within 2 minutes....far from the 15 minutes in the product directions. Now I am praying I don't wake up to her puking tonight.

 - Monday, August 29, 2011
My least favorite of the dental products
Reviewed By:  Erin O. (Pueblo, CO) 
While these smelt great- I didn't like these at all. Neither did my great dane. I had never used a dental ring before & didn't realize that brown part is almost like a sturdier cardboard & then there's the hardened dental type paste. My Dane doesn't like to chew his toys, so, when he saw this & saw it as a "toy" he didn't want to bite or chomp on it. He just carried it around. Both the board & the paste chip off & flake, so it made a huge mess all over the house. We ended up having to play tug of war with him to get him to bite down on it enough to "use" the paste & clean his mouth... which made an even bigger mess. Definitely smells great though. But, I'll take the Petrodex Dental Chews EVERY SINGLE TIME- more like pig ears & my dog takes his time gnawing, chewing, & enjoying them... which means his teeth get cleaned!
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