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D & L Reiner ½" Billy Allen Mouth Bit

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D & L Reiner ½" Billy Allen Mouth Bit


7" Cheek
5" Mouth

One of the nicest medium control shanks ever made. Shanks have excellent balance and will not pinch. Can be ridden with a 4-rein to train. Mouth is one of the least severe snaffles. The limited travel keeps the snaffle from excess pressure on the outside bars. The roller, while acting as a pacifier for the nervous horse, also applies light tongue pressure for a better head set (#791).

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RD-D9 D & L Reiner ½" Billy Allen Mouth Bit Each $62.95
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 - Friday, September 28, 2012
LOVE this bit!
Reviewed By:  Darci (Junction City, Oregon) 
I love this bit as it has a flat roller without a curb or loose connecting joints. My mare accepted this bit without any issues; she worked horribly in snaffles, hated hackamores, and would throw her head in curbs. She was very responsive and happy in this bit, although I changed out the chained chin strap for a flat leather one. Another plus is that is has individual side swivel action- you can plow rein if needed for extra direction for training or on the trail, unlike most bits with shanks. Exceptional performance, quality, humane bit! Will keep a horse very soft in the mouth if used by a light-handed rider.
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