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Crate Mats with Bumper Edge

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Crate Mats with Bumper Edge

Precision Pet

For dogs and cats.

Custom designed to fit in wire crates but they may be used to add complete comfort to any pet's favorite resting spot. The beautiful, high quality synthetic fleece is completely machine washable and durable. The unique "Baby Bumper" style assures comfort.

Can be used in a variety of settings. It's cool in summer, warm in winter and rolls up for traveling.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
I5-S1 Crate Mat with Bumper, 18" L x 14" W Each $7.99
Available Date 5/15/2014
Back Order
I5-S2 Crate Mat with Bumper, 25" L x 20" W Each $11.95
Indefinite Back Order
I5-S3 Crate Mat with Bumper, 31" L x 21" W Each $17.95
Available Date 5/15/2014
Back Order
I5-S4 Crate Mat with Bumper, 37" L x 25" W Each $23.94
In Stock
I5-S5 Crate Mat with Bumper, 45" L x 32" W Each $34.95
In Stock

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 - Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Best Fleece Mat!
Reviewed By:  Liv (Toney, AL) 
I wanted a nice travel bed for camping for my Boston Terrier, and this fleece mat works well. I ordered the 25" L X 20" W size, which turned out to be a little too big, but will do. It's of excellent quality, the fleece is very soft, takes up little space when traveling, great price (Jeffers always has the best prices on everything), very durable and holds up fine in the wash. As a plus, it actually turned out to be the perfect size for our dog crate, making the crate much more comfortable. However, my Boston Terrier likes to snuggle in his beds, and would probably have preferred a bed with higher sides. The fleece mat also does not have a lot of padding on the bottom, but as my Boston sleeps in this bed at the foot of mine, he has plenty of padding, and this is not too much of a concern. If I ever order another bed for traveling, though, I will probably choose a smaller one with higher sides, such as the Square Canine Cushion that Jeffers offers. But as far as these fleece mats are concerned, I would definitely recommend them, especially for use as crate liners.

 - Tuesday, August 16, 2011
great mat
Reviewed By:  Bonnie (Alpena, Michigan) 
I take it out of the box and my dog went and laid down on it

 - Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Great crate liner
Reviewed By:  Christine (Cleveland, Ohio) 
This is my favorite bed for my dog's crate. They are inexpensive and washable and the bumpers make the crate cozy. I only gave 4 stars because I wish the mat was more thickly padded on the bottom, but if you stick a folded up blanket or towel underneath, it's just perfect.
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