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Copasure® Capsules for Sheep & Goats

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Copasure® Capsules for Sheep & Goats


A long-acting copper capsule for sheep and goats which protects your herds growth, fertility and resistance to disease. To be used when animals are copper deficient and at intervals no less than 6 months.

Sheep and goats are known to require both cobalt and copper, yet some sheep breeds can be poisoned by copper. Do not give copasure® to sheep or goat breeds known to be susceptible to copper poisoning.

Lambs & kids over 25 lbs & 5 weeks:
One 2 g capsule.

Adult sheep & goats (100-200 lbs):
One 4 g capsule.

Adult sheep & goats (200-300 lbs):
Two 4 g capsules.

The copper status of the flock should be known prior to use. If in doubt consult your veterinarian. Seek veterinary advice before treating housed animals and breeds such as Texel, known to be sensitive to copper poisoning.

See label for more information.

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
MG-CA Copasure® 2 gram for Lambs & Kids, (24 capsules) Each $24.95
In Stock
MG-CB Copasure® 4 gram for Sheep & Goats, (12 capsules) Each $24.95
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 - Friday, November 08, 2013
Wonderful Product!!!
Reviewed By:  Calfee Farms (Corryton, Tennessee) 
I am delighted that this product is now formulated in a dose that is goat specific! Great Job responding to the needs of your customers. After only 2 weeks post administration of this product on my Heritage purebred black Spanish goats, their hair coats shine a glossy black that I've never seen before. They seem to have a better appetite and their weight has picked up a little also. I an now a firm believer in this product. Thanks Jeffers!

 - Tuesday, April 02, 2013
It's about time
Reviewed By:  Cathy Sizer (New Castle, VA) 
So glad to see this in sheep- and goat-sized doses. It's hard to explain to people about buying the calf-sized boluses and breaking them down. Now I don't have to. Copasure is quite possibly the most profoundly important discovery in the health management of my own herd. It's truly liberating not having to chemical worm on a regular basis. Be forewarned you will still have breakthrough worms, especially in aged (older) animals, but it works like a charm for the younger animals who are usually more susceptible to worms anyway. Works great on sheep too. We prefer to use this exclusively on lambs. The adult sheep we use some copper and a couple chemical wormings per year as well. By the way, you do not have to bolus these, you can break the capsules open and mix with feed or give as treats. The old data suggests they had to be given whole but this has since been proven to not matter.

 - Saturday, March 23, 2013
Reviewed By:  Circle C Farm (Gray, GA) 
Copper Kills the worms, and makes goats healthy with shiny coats and will enhance color. A TRUE GODSEND! I Make "cookies" mix oatmeal melted marshmallow with open capsule contents for each goat when we roundup. Or you can mush it into bread. I tried capsules, they are very hard to give, goat will do its best to spit out. Good luck to all this season, but this is the best stuff I have ever used for the Barber pole worms. Don't waste money on dewormers that can kill the goat and do not kill worms. COPASURE IS THE BEST!
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