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Colostrx® Plus Bovine Origin Colostrum Supplement

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Colostrx® Plus Bovine Origin Colostrum Supplement


Improved formula with 55 grams of Globulin Protein for immunity, derived from the same source which enriches natural colostrum with immune proteins.

The bovine origin formula is produced using pharmaceutical grade technology and is electronically pasteurized to ensure safe, effective use. Provides easily absorbed protein to help calves develop a strong immune system and control diarrhea.

One packet mixes easily with 1½ quarts lukewarm water. Administer with a nipple pail, bottle or esophageal feeder within 10 hours after birth.

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
SH-C5 Colostrx® Plus, (454grams) Each $12.09
In Stock
SH-C4 Colostrx® Plus, case of 12 Each $139.95
In Stock

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