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Chum™ Bowl

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Chum™ Bowl



(as of January 2014)

Stainless steel travel bowl with funnel design to prevent spills.

Large 2 quart capacity.

Made in India

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G3-6E Chum™ Bowl, 2 quarts Each $9.99
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 - Friday, May 25, 2012
Oh my gosh
Reviewed By:  Lee English (Lecanto, Fl) 
Looked great but I never thought about reading a review. You can not get it apart to clean. Five different people have tried. I quess you could put it into a dish washer to clean. I should have sent it back.

 - Monday, August 08, 2011
Chum Bowl
Reviewed By:  Joy (Summerfield, NC) 
This is a newer design than this old ones Jeffers used to sell. It has small holes at the bottom of the "cone" in the lid. The ones Jeffers sold before had one hole in the center of the cone that is a much better design. I am going to try to find a metal shop that can cut out the cone at the bottom of the lid and make one smooth hole for the water to be available for the dogs. My dogs have no problem putting their tongue through the center hole. There is no real problem cleaning the water dish if a bottle brush is used to clean it. You can get a bottle brush at Target for about $2. No big deal.....

 - Friday, August 05, 2011
Good idea poor design
Reviewed By:  Kim (Kokomo, IN) 
Like other reviewers said this bowl is impossible to clean. Not to mention once you get it open the sharp edges cut into your fingers. Wish I could return it but I was out of state when mine came and when I finally got home it was too late to send back.
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