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Chase 'n Pull Toy

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Chase 'n Pull Toy

Used by trainers across the US, in Zoos and Big Cat Rescues.

Ideal for chasing, jumping, catching and pulling.

Extremely sturdy dog toy - made with 32"L flexible handle, 36"L extra strong solid braid rope and washable, removable faux sheepskin end with squeaker (replacements sold separately).

Colors may vary.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
8K-C1 Chase 'n Pull Toy Each $14.95
Available Date 4/29/2014
Back Order
8K-C2 Chase 'n Pull Toy Replacement Ends Each $7.49
In Stock

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 - Monday, August 05, 2013
"Just the sight of you..."
Reviewed By:  Lorry (Tallahassee, FL ) 
Simply seeing her Chase 'N Pull toy is an aerobic exercise for our American Standard Bulldog. Then when she really gets going, chasing it around the yard, leaping in the air to catch it... bliss. And when she can catch the sweaky puff, and I tell her to "give," she cries before she releases it, because she doesn't want to let go!

 - Monday, March 26, 2012
Fun for Dog and Owner
Reviewed By:  Brenda (Union City, CA.) 
This is a wonderful toy that's both fun for dog and owner. It is a different kind of play than fetch or tug (which the dog seems to appreciate), and it saves you from having to bend and stretch so much (which I appreciate).

 - Sunday, February 26, 2012
Jumps for joy
Reviewed By:  Lorena (Cypress, Ca) 
We are required to play with this toy every morning, before breakfast. Dakota, our Weimaranar doesn't allow us to start our morning without this toy. She squeals and jumps for joy when I pick it up. She has gone through a couple of the sticks, breaking them with her sturdy tugging. Otherwise the toy is structured very well. We go through about 3 ends in a month. It's a great toy.
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