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CarraVet® Adsorbent Wound Powder

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CarraVet® Adsorbent Wound Powder

Made from Calcium Silicate (Montmorillonite) clay powder. For early clinical management of all types of wounds including cuts, abrasions, hotspots, etc. Helps to relieve pain and itching. Has cooling and soothing properties. In an emergency can be used to aid in blood clotting. May also be used orally for diarrhea in dogs and cats.

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CVI-AF CarraVet® Adsorbent Wound Powder, 6 oz Each $19.99
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 - Thursday, March 27, 2014
Super product
Reviewed By:  CJB (Collierville, TN) 
My horse lies down a lot due to an arthritic leg and developed a bed sore on his hip which protruded about (1 1/2" thick and probably 5 inches wide. I had tried many medications. Sore bled and oozed a lot, stayed dirty & would easily get infected. Vet didn't want to remove too close to bone. ointments was not what I needed. Anyway, began using the carravet powder and it has done a great job of drying up this place - the size has decreased 75% and is more flush to hip but I have been very pleased with this product. By keeping it dried out less debris sticks to it. It has reduced my cleaning to once a week. I do open the container and use a small scoop to apply. Quicker and he tolerates me touching that area. He can be a little grumpy. Anyway, I highly recommend this product. The alu-spray works well with this product too.
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