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Greenies® Pill Pockets for Cats

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Greenies® Pill Pockets for Cats


No more struggling to give medications!

The treats your pet already loves are perfect for concealing pills.

Flavors: Chicken or Salmon

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2P-PH Greenies Pill Pockets for Cats, 45 ct Each $4.99

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 - Saturday, May 25, 2013
Who Would Believe It??
Reviewed By:  gerryann (Skowhegan, Maine) 
These pill pockets are amazing!!!! I tried them on my wild and dangerous cat (for doing this sort of thing!) and she ate it right down. Couldn't believe it...Have used it on my dogs also...amazing!!! The cat clinched it though. If you people haven't tried them--do so--they are UNBELIEVABLE, and I WAS a skeptic--PLEEEZE give them a try.

 - Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Reviewed By:  Laurie (Fredericksburg, VA) 
If you have a cat, you should have PillPockets on hand. Period. You never know when a pet will get sick. These treats are invaluable in getting a pet to take capsules and tablets easily. If your cat doesn't like the chicken, try the salmon. I rotate between them but the chicken definitely goes over well. I have many special needs pets so these are such a time saver, stress saver, and finger saver! Just this morning I fed empty PP to my kittens, to accustom them to thinking of these as a treat... they gobbled them up! Later I will progress to putting a bit of hard food inside so they get used to having something inside. Even in the worst case, where your cat doesn't like the PP, it is still very important to use them as a safety coating rather than giving the medication 'dry'. Think how hard it is to swallow a pill 'dry'... and if you don't give food or water immediately after, the pet will be vulnerable to erosive esophagitis which can be very painful and dangerous. See Dr. Lisa Pierson's website about pilling cats safely, at . BTW if you are giving a lot of pills/capsules or have multiple pets to medicate (or train), get the dog sized ones. Much cheaper and the only difference (aside from size) is taurine in the cat PP... which your cat should be getting already if fed a balanced diet.

 - Sunday, February 06, 2011
life saver
Reviewed By:  krissy (carriere, MS) 
I bought these and they do help, my cat hates her heartworm meds. so these really help. They wrap around a pill or you can slide it in. They smell meaty .
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