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Jeffers GIft Card - The Perfect Gift!


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Made of strong, tear-resistant material over neoprene. Removable Velcroฎ straps eliminate the problem of tearing. Velcroฎ adheres to any part of the sweat, allowing a better fit.
Machine washable. TAN ONLY.

Made in the U.S.A.

* Working sweats may normally be left for up to three (3) hours daily. Overnight sweats may normally be left on for up to ten (10) hours per night. Frequency and length of time used may vary according to horse's sensitivity and/or existing weather conditions and outside temperature.

Please Use Caution!

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
SL-A1 Neck Sweats, weanling (27") Each $56.95
In Stock
SL-A2 Neck Sweats, yearling (29") Each $62.95
In Stock
SL-A3 Neck Sweats, horse (31") Each $69.95
Available Date 4/24/2014
Back Order
SL-A4 Neck Sweats, extra large (32") Each $78.49
In Stock
SL-H1 Half Shoulder w/Surcingle, yearling Each $113.95
In Stock
SL-H2 Half Shoulder w/Surcingle, med-horse (15.3 hands) Each $117.95
In Stock
SL-H3 Half Shoulder w/Surcingle, lrg horse (16.2 hands) Each $127.95
In Stock

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 - Wednesday, February 02, 2011
Get tha pretty neck!
Reviewed By:  Heidi (Summerville, GA) 
Super Sweats are an excellent way to make that OK neck look like a GREAT neck! Use with caution though so that you do not overheat your horse. When used correctly, you should see great results! Make the judges say WOW!
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