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Bird Protector®

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Bird Protector®

8 in 1

Protects and defends cage birds from mites and lice for months while deodorizing at the same time. Simply hangs on cage. Safe and effective control of lice and mites.

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EL-B1 Bird Protector®, small cage (1/2 oz) Each $2.79
In Stock
EL-B2 Bird Protector®, large cage (3/4 oz) Each $3.49
In Stock

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 - Saturday, March 29, 2014
One of the worst products ever sold
Reviewed By:  GLeeM (Purcellville, VA) 
Well shucks---I just completed an order for items not related to pet birds but decided to check the products this company offers. Anyplace that sells these so-called mite treatment disks will not get my business. There are states that do not allow the sale of this item for it's stated purpose. First of all, effective treatment for mites should be under vet care & is usually ivermectin. This product is poison & the fact that it's in a handy little container & labeled safe does not change that. I'm not opposed to using poison but birds are very sensitive to & these products (delicate respiratory systems). If a bird owner has mites they should review the way they are keeping their birds as well as consult an avian vet, not hang one of these useless things on/in the cage. I'm sure there are other products sold here that fall under the "unsafe-by-any-standard" description but this is the one that's a deal-breaker for me.
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