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KMR® Kitten Milk Replacer

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KMR® Kitten Milk Replacer


Complete food source for orphaned, rejected or nursing kittens that need supplemental feeding. Also for growing kittens or adult cats that are stressed and require a source of highly digestible nutrients. Complete diet fortified with vitamins and minerals. Closely matches mother's milk in protein and energy. Contains Taurine.

Powder: Mix 1 part powder with 2 parts water. Contains 40% Crude Protein 27% Crude Fat, 0% Crude Fiber and 5% Moisture.
Liquid: Shake well. Contains 7.5% Crude Protein 4.5% Crude Fat, 0% Crude Fiberand 82% Moisture.

Dosage: feed KMR® Liquid or reconstituted powder at the rate of 2 Tbsp per 4 oz of body wt daily. KMR® may be used to rehabilitate wildlife. Simulates mothers milk for rabbits, porcupines, and bobcats.

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
B7-K1 KMR® Liquid, 8 oz 1 - 11
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B7-K2 KMR® Liquid, 11 oz 1 - 11
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B7-K3 KMR® Powder, 28 oz Each $28.99
In Stock
B7-K4 KMR® Powder, 12 oz Each $12.99
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B7-K5 KMR® Powder, 6 oz Each $8.99
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B7-KM KMR® Powder, 5 lb
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Each $61.95
In Stock

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 - Friday, October 11, 2013
Best I have found
Reviewed By:  Karen (Riverview, Fl) 
I have also bottle fed kittens for the last 15 years. KMR is the best though I do add a few drops of cooking oil to help avoid kitten constipation. Product is filling and kittens will sleep for hours with no negative side effects due to the high protein and fat content. Thank you Pet Ag for the Breeders/Rescue Program. Save the barcode points for free product~ a HUGE help! My kittens love Pet Ag nipples/bottles are easy to squeeze as needed.

 - Wednesday, February 20, 2013
great stuff
Reviewed By:  I Mother Orphaned Kittens (Milford, Ohio) 
This stuff is great! I have been feeding orphaned kittens for 15+ years & they have all done well on this. I buy it by the 5# bag. The liquid is good but MUST be diluted for the very young (newborn-2 weeks) because it is too rich for their little systems. I always use Four Paws bottles - I have never had a kitten refuse to drink form one of them but they do NOT like the PetAg nipples.
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