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Soft Paws® Nail Caps for Cats

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Soft Paws® Nail Caps for Cats

A Painless Alternative to Declawing

Vinyl nail caps that keep cat's nails blunt and harmless 4-5 times longer than routine nail trimming and last from 4-6 weeks. They take just minutes to apply and are completely safe, even if swallowed. Caps are applied directly to the nails and will not interfere with normal claw extension or retraction. Take home kit contains 2 tubes of adhesive, 40 nail caps, 6 applicator tips and complete instructions.

Colors: clear natural, blue or pink.

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11-SG Soft Paws® Nail Caps for Cats Each $11.99

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 - Wednesday, November 23, 2011
Works Great!
Reviewed By:  Mark  (Roanoke, Virginia) 
I have used Nail Caps on my cat for a several years! They work great as an alternative to declawing. It helps to have an good temperment cat. The initial install can be done in stages to not overwhelm the cat. Care should be taken with the glue. I have never had a problem but have used instant adhesives for 30+ yrs. You may want to use disposable gloves. The nail continues to grow and slowly push the cap off. This claw will be very sharp. It should be attended to quickly. I think nail caps are a great if your willing to commit to them. P.S. Treats never hurt as a reward.

 - Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Reviewed By:  RikkuTikku (Shrewsbury, MA) 
So Soft Paws WERE an awesome way to prevent my kitten from ruining our leather couch amd other various furniture and even ourselves. HOWEVER, today, as i was replacing a soft paw, the kitten and my finger got STUCK together from the glue. Just a tiny bit touched the tip of my finger, enough to attach myself to my poor kittens claw. It ripped and hung there glued to his foot until he ripped it off. Luckily, another tiny claw was already growing in its place, but it was obviously no where near shedding time. I am quite unsure of soft paws after tonight. For 2 months nothing went wrong and then all the sudden one day something happened and i wouldnt want this to happen again or to anyone else. However, soft paws do work when applied with extreme caution,....which i DID use...but sometimes accidents happen and glue dried FAST.

 - Friday, November 12, 2010
Reviewed By:  Anna (Emmaus, Pennsylvania ) 
I like that the price is smaller than if you buy them anywhere else, but more colors would be nice. I was thinking about black for my cat but found out that this website is much cheaper but has fewer colors. Anyway, my only problem is that it only has three color choices.
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