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American Dog® USA Beef Hide Chews

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American Dog® USA Beef Hide Chews

Pet Factory®

Pet Factory's American Dog® Chews are made from thick USDA American beef hides naturally tied, dried and flavor coated in the USA.

These chews satisfy your dog's natural desire to chew while relieving boredom and helping prevent soft plaque from forming on your dog's teeth.

Made with the thickest, freshest premium beefhide in the world from corn-fed 100% USA Prime Heavy Native Steers. Ultra-cleaned with no preservatives or harmful chemicals. Higher fat content and thicker hide are more palatable for a pet's chewing pleasure.

Made in the USA.

NEVER leave a dog or pet unattended with bones, chews or treats.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
J6-A1 American Dog® Beefhide Chew, 5" Bone Each $2.99
In Stock
J6-A2 American Dog® Beefhide Chew, 7" Bone Each $4.99
In Stock
J6-A3 American Dog® Beefhide Chew, 9" Bone Each $5.99
In Stock
J6-R5 American Dog® Beefhide Chew, 11" Bone Each $6.99
In Stock
J6-A4 American Dog® Beefhide Chew, 10" Roll Each $3.09
In Stock

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