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A long-acting Copper Bolus for cattle which protects your herd's growth, fertility and resistance to disease. Copasure rods lodge for months in the folds of the stomach lining. Liver copper stores build up and a single dose lasts at least 8 months. In practice, 1 dose per year is usual. Give by balling gun.

Note: To be used only when your cattle are copper deficient.

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
MG-C1 Copasure, 12.5 gm Calves 150-500 lb over 3 months of age (jar of 25) Each $45.95
In Stock
MG-C2 Copasure, 25 gm Cattle over 500 lb (box of 24) Each $72.95
In Stock

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 - Monday, January 06, 2014
Works for our ranch.
Reviewed By:  Two Trees (Canon, Texas) 
Read a study online about the effects of copper bolus on goat herds. We bolus at 3 - 4 month intervals. FAMACHA scores improve by at least one number. This cannot be beat for the long term control of Barber Pole Worm. We buy the ones for cows, cut them down and recap for goats.

 - Monday, September 30, 2013
Great for cattle and goats!
Reviewed By:  Little Bits N Pieces Livestock (Penn Valley, California) 
Great for cows and goats. Copper is essential for rumenant health. For goats it is to be dosed at 1 gram per 22lbs, or 1cc per 50lbs.

 - Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Nature's Best
Reviewed By:  Paula (Yale, Virginia) 
Works wonderful in controlling eggs in goats and sheep. Time released. Never had any bad results, only good. The animal thrives. We need to get back to the natural treatments instead of man made antedotes. Been using this for 5 years now. Actually will enhanse their colors.
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