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PRE-VENT® Feeder

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PRE-VENT® Feeder

Slows down eating, reducing the risk of choke, helping to prevent sand ingestion and minimizing food waste.

Specifically designed to slow down a horse's ingestion of food with its patented compartments at the bottom of the feeder. The horse must work to get the food out of each compartment one at a time. This reduces the chance of your horse dropping food on the ground and in turn reduces the ingestion of sand.

Also prevents food aggression, as the horse is no longer focused on anything else.

Mounting hardware sold separately (below).

The PRE-VENT feeder is classified by carriers as "oversized" and thus has a minimum freight charge of 30 lb. each.

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Each $79.95
In Stock
PVF-P2 PRE-VENT Feeder, 3 pack hardware (for stall installation) Each $19.95
Available Date 4/30/2014
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 - Tuesday, August 14, 2012
Reviewed By:  AS (Hockley, Texas) 
I love these! Slows down the feed hogs. The horses that eat very slowly I simply put the feed in a large bucket inside the feeder. Anything that gets dropped stays in the feeded. perfect for hay or alfalfa with very little dropped out of the feeder.

 - Thursday, May 24, 2012
Great feeder!
Reviewed By:  mts (Milton, Florida) 
I bought this feeder for a gelding that chokea and I had to wet his feed to prevent the choking. This feeder slowed him down and he eats with no choking problem for 1 year now! Excellent product!!

 - Saturday, February 04, 2012
Not for picky eaters
Reviewed By:  Melissa (Lexington, KY) 
I tried this in a barn full of off the track thoroughbreds- some didn't care and ate everything. However, the ones that are not motivated by food don't do the extra work to get whats left on the bottom. My mare, who is not a picky eater, never finishes her grain as she doesn't really want to put forth the extra effort to get whats left in the holes.
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