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Selenium & Vitamin E Gel for Goats

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Selenium & Vitamin E Gel for Goats


A unique combination of Selenium Selenite and Vitamin E at levels designed for goats.

Both the Selenium Selenite and Vitamin E are ALL NATURAL.

Selenium and Vitamin E Gel is in a Real Gel™ base that melts at body temperature so when administered it will not roll off the tongue.

This product is to be used as the sole source of Selenium.

A butterscotch flavor has been added for increased palatability.

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KK-S5 Selenium & Vitamin E Gel for Goats, 30 mL tube Each $6.95
In Stock
KK-SA Selenium & Vitamin E Gel for Goats, 80 mL tube Each $8.95
In Stock

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 - Saturday, July 07, 2012
Love it!
Reviewed By:  Kirstin (Gaston, SC) 
After failing to find a veterinarian in our area to give us the BoSe, we gave this a shot. We administered last night (Totally easy, they were trying to suck down the whole tube), and already today they look much more sleek. We administered this along with the Vit A,D, and B12 that came with during the promo; and when we re-order I will be sure to add that to the cart as well! Please note that this does say to administer every 30 days; so be sure to follow the directions. This is because this gel is absorbed and processed much more rapidly than the BoSe....even with that in mind- I would still rather use this than the injections!

 - Sunday, February 06, 2011
Love It!
Reviewed By:  Emily (Fredericktown, Ohio) 
What a huge difference I saw in my doe the very next day after giving this to her! And the taste and smell is irresistible! My wether would take an entire tube if he were allowed to! I've never come across something that has been so easy to administer. The dial dose makes getting the right amount such a breeze. I highly recommend this product!

 - Friday, February 04, 2011
Excellent Selenium supplement
Reviewed By:  Andy (McMinnville, Oregon) 
After having a difficult time getting actual BoSe from a veterinarian, we ordered this tube of gel as a back up plan. Now it's all I use. No having to harass a vet to get a Selenium supplement. Plus I much prefer administering a small oral paste to giving a shot! The goats dont seem to mind the taste too much either.
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