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SpectoGard® Scour-Chek®

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SpectoGard® Scour-Chek®

Spectinomycin oral solution approved for scours in pigs under 4 weeks old.

Pigs under 10 lbs.: give 1 ml twice daily.
Pigs over 10 lbs.: give 2 ml twice daily.

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49-S1 SpectoGard® Scour-Chek®, 240 mL Each $15.99
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49-S3 SpectoGard® Scour-Chek®, 1000 mL Each $42.99
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 - Friday, August 09, 2013
works for goat scours
Reviewed By:  la (upstate , ny) 
This is a great product for goat scours caused by worms or cocci and sometimes toxic indigestion. I check for sounds that the stomach is ruminating and dose adult goats 3ml of scour halt along with a pro biotic every 12 hours. Then treat the cause of scours.

 - Wednesday, March 28, 2012
baby goat scours
Reviewed By:  William D (Quincy , FL) 
I used to have zero survival from scours in baby goats until I found spectogard. I use doses about twice as large as recommended on the bottle because it is quickly passed out the gut and is not absorbed by the body to any extent. I separate the doses by about 36 hours. Usually two doses is enough. As soon as the diarhhea shows first signs of slowing down then stop the medicine. Loose-looking infrequent stool will continue somewhat for 3 more days because it takes a full 3 days for the lining of the gut to heal after all the bad bacteria have been killed off.

 - Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Great for Scours
Reviewed By:  Nicole (L, UT) 
I actually use this on my calves and it works great. I usually mix it with some Kao Pectin if I catch it early and they do really well. If it's a little worse case then I mix it with electrolyte and it works wonders. It's the best stuff out there.
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