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Canine Cooler® Thermo-Regulating Pet Bed

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Canine Cooler® Thermo-Regulating Pet Bed

Offers long-lasting cooling comfort which absorbs your pet's body heat. Extremely cushy, it's foam and fluid in synergy providing a room-temperature cooling with an unparalleled level of cushioning comfort.

Just add water!

Ongoing healthy therapy for any pet suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia, skin disorders, obesity, post surgery recovery, etc. Foam core with extra thick, puncture-resistant vinyl covering.

1-year manufacturer warranty.

To inquire about warranty, call (719) 226-2873.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
JX-C1 Canine Cooler® Pet Bed, 18" x 24" Each $59.95 $49.95
Available Date 5/2/2014
Back Order
JX-C2 Canine Cooler® Pet Bed, 24" x 36" Each $79.95 $69.95
In Stock
JX-C3 Canine Cooler® Pet Bed, 36" x 48" Each $119.95 $89.95
In Stock

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 - Thursday, March 22, 2012
Can't live without this.
Reviewed By:  M & J Harvey (Great Bend, PA) 
We have owned 3 of these in the past 10 years. Our 2 almost 14 yr old Australian shepherds LOVE the coolness; when traveling in warm weather, our dogs would not survive the heat without these beds! We wore one out. The 2nd one leaked & was replaced, under warranty. We had to buy 1 bed for each of our dogs! Keep the mat level when riding, so that you do not stress the vinyl. This co. stands behind its product.

 - Wednesday, December 28, 2011
My Newfs love it
Reviewed By:  Tara (Burlington, VT) 
I bought one of these, the largest size, during summer of 2011. Thought about buying it in summer 2010. Wish I had! I only bought one to try it out. I didn't fill it up with much water so it isn't too heavy, and it's very easy to put it in the van for long rides and bring it camping and such, otherwise it's an indoor bed for us. Our smaller Newfie took to it immediately. Now both dogs take turns on it in our house. I'll be buying another one. In general our dogs are not fussy about new toys, beds, bowls, etc. They always use things right away. If your dog is used to a fabric bed and doesn't like to try new things, they may not like this vinyl-style bed.

 - Tuesday, November 01, 2011
My Weird Dogs
Reviewed By:  Marguerite (Tampa, Fl) 
Bed rates a 5, my 2 large dogs wouldnt go on it. I have a chow chow + a GSD both 13 yrs. Live in hot Tampa, thought they would love it. Seems like I would. I put it on the floor-tried on their air beds also-they wont lay on it at all. It must hurt their type of hip or arthritis prob??? They do not want cool. Left it down all summer sometimes yorkies play on it but nobody will rest on it. Held up well, great idea, easy to clean, no odor, but for my canine family they arent interested in it??? Not sorry I bought it, as if they needed coolness for a therapy it is a great idea + stays cool! I will try again this coming summer! Maybe a younger dog who sweats a lot would enjoy this comfort more!
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