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Cavallo's Simple Boots

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Cavallo's Simple Boots


Simple to Measure - Simple to Size. Light weight and durable made with real leather uppers, has waterproof thread, rust proof metal and abrasion resistant TPU out soles. Raised inner rim takes pressure off sole, bar and frog. All-terrain tread minimizes build up of mud, sand and debris. Features built in drainage.

Simple to Put On - Simple to Remove. Easy front fastening with industrial Velcro closure. Excellent hoof protection for the barefoot horse, pain management for sensitive hooves, rehabilitation from abscesses, navicular disease, founder and injuries to the hoof. Measure hoof length from the buttress to toe to determine size.

0 (4" - 4-1/4"L)
1 (4-5/16" - 4-9/16"L)
2 (4-5/8" - 4-7/8"L)
3 (4-15/16" - 5-3/16"L)
4 (5-1/4" - 5-1/2"L)
5 (5-9/16" - 5-13/16"L).

Item # Description Price Each Qty
8Z-C1 Cavallo's Simple Boot, pair Each $144.95

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 - Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Good fit
Reviewed By:  Mary (Hemet, Calif) 
Jeffers equine person was very helpful. From my G2 size that my horse currently wears, she advised me on the Cavallo size. They fit perfectly. I changed brands because getting older, I want something easier to put on & take off. I don't think I would have picked the right size if I had gone by the Cavallo measuring chart. My horse is larger boned & this boot has a great fit around the lower part of his pastern. I talked with a Cavallo rep & she told me their boot fits larger boned horses. I had tried another easy applied brand & the wrap around & Velcro application were insufficient to encompass the hoof & stay on. I'll break these in then get a pair for his rear hooves. There are many wonderful fitting boots out there, but I found out that some of the snug, sleek boots require the hoof to be rasped down on a regular basis inbetween farrier visits. My horses feet are like steel to rasp. I'm not strong enough to do that so I'm going with boots that don't require extra grooming of hooves.

 - Monday, September 09, 2013
Trail boots
Reviewed By:  Sheena (Morgantown, WV) 
These boots are wonderful for paved roads, gravel roads and dry fields. While they stayed on through mud and water they are very slick on our mountain sides. They are so easy to take off and put on that I just take them off when I ride off road.

 - Friday, September 28, 2012
Got My Horse Back
Reviewed By:  jac (Pawling, NY) 
My quarter horse has tenderness in his front right hoof, we couldn't ride on any rough terrain. With the 'Simple Boots' his pain is gone and we ride everywhere on every terrain and running at that. Thanks Cavallo!
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