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Davis® Hoof Saver

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Davis® Hoof Saver


For use in treating hoof ailments. Boot holds medications and ointments. 3-layered polyvinyl bottom for strength and comfort.

Measure the trimmed hoof at the widest point.
Sold individually.

Note: These boots are universal. One boot fits left and right hooves.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
DD-P9 Davis Hoof Saver - Sz 0 (4½"W x 5"L) Each $28.95
In Stock
DD-PA Davis Hoof Saver - Sz 1 (5¼"W x 5½"L) Each $29.95
In Stock
DD-PB Davis Hoof Saver - Sz 2 (5 5/8"W x 6"L) Each $29.95
In Stock
DD-PC Davis Hoof Saver -Sz 3 (6¼"W x 7"L) Each $29.95
In Stock

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 - Wednesday, October 17, 2012
biggest waste of money I ever spent
Reviewed By:  Ashley (stroud, ok) 
impossible to get off and on! i hate this boot, I purchased the average size boot and I have yet to find a horse I can get it on. don't waste your money.

 - Thursday, August 09, 2012
A boot that stays on!
Reviewed By:  Kim (Wilmington, NC) 
I have bought lots of different boots to try to keep on my horse when it rains. This is the only one that my horse has managed to keep on.(he over reaches)The barrier boots with the strap that cover only the hoof just come off but these stay on. They do flop up & down on hoof but he adjusts in a little while.

 - Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Great product - Saves me a lot of time
Reviewed By:  Jamie (St. Louis, MO) 
No more having to keep my horse still while he stands in a bucket of water!!! This boot not only is a hoof saver, but it's a life saver. I have a horse that is prone to stone bruises and all I need to do is take a little bit of Epsom Poultice, slather it on, put on my Davis boot, and presto! No more soaking in Epsom salt warm water, no more wrapping the hoof in duct tape. I would recommend for anyone to have one of these on hand - you'll love having it when the time comes to need to do some hoof treatments.
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