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TOMCAT® Mouse Killer I

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TOMCAT® Mouse Killer I


Contains .01% Bromethalin.

Achieve single feeding control of mice and rats. Dead rodents appear in 1 to 2 days. Come with 1 refillable child and dog resistant bait station.

Reduced risk of secondary poisoning of birds and pets.

Can be used indoors.

Bait station has a clear lid for easy bait monitoring.

Refill station until supply of blocks is gone.

8 oz and 16 oz come with a refillable bait station. (8 oz = 8 - 1 oz bait chunx)
(16 oz = 16 - 1 oz bait chunx)

Use 1 station spaced at 8-12 ft intervals.

Made in the USA.

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Item # Description Price Each Qty
MM-T1 TOMCAT® Mouse Killer, 8 oz (with station) Each $6.29
In Stock
MM-T2 TOMCAT® Mouse Killer, 16 oz (with station) Each $7.95
In Stock
MM-T3 TOMCAT® Mouse Killer Refills, 4 lb pail (1 oz chunx)
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Each $24.95
In Stock

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 - Saturday, August 10, 2013
Careful as not as dog prof as advertised
Reviewed By:  Arlette H (Coolidge, AZ) 
Even though the bait stations are made very tough..DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR DOGS ability to be able to chew through them. I thought I had this one hidden far enough also ..BUT NOOO I come into find my dog has chewed the corner off though most the bait is spread all over she did have residue on her tongue :( ...As for the mice well it works on them when they eat it
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