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Swayback Cushion Pad

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Swayback Cushion Pad


The Cashel Swayback Cushion Pad has a 1½" center that tapers to Ύ" in the front and back.

The Swayback Pad helps keep the saddle from riding on the horse's shoulders and loin by filling in the hollow area on the back of a swayback horse.

Also works great on more narrow back breeds or horses with a more prominent wither.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
QL-A2 Swayback Cushion Pad, 32' x 32" Each $89.95
In Stock
QL-A3 Swayback Cushion Pad, 30" x 30" Each $89.95
In Stock
QL-S5 Swayback Cushion Pad, w/ Wool Top 34" x 34" Each $128.95

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 - Friday, December 28, 2012
Not Great
Reviewed By:  Lindsey M. (Holly Pond, Alabama) 
I bought this pad for my high withered, sway backed 25yr mare. It slipped and slid. I was disapointed with it as much as it costs. Not worth the time or money. Wish it was better made and thicker all the way around.

 - Monday, November 12, 2012
Great pad
Reviewed By:  Regan (Dothan, Alabama) 
This is a fantastic swayback pad. I would definitely get the 30" x 30", even if you have a bigger horse. It is very very thick, which I love. Thy only problem is just personal, I would rather it be contoured especially since it is a swayback pad. I would definitely recommend this pad!
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