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All Four Paws

This NEW padded design is the ultimate in comfort. Made of water resistant nylon, slips onto your pet's collar, attaching with elastic loops. Fully adjustable with Velcroฎ fasteners. Easy for you to get on and off, but not for your pet. Lightweight and flexible, folds back for eating and drinking. Gives your pet more comfort and less stress from banging into walls and furniture. Makes for normal sleeping positions and folds flat for easy storage.
  • Small: neck 8-10" (depth of cone 5.75")
  • Medium: neck 12-15" (depth of cone 8.25")
  • Large: neck 14-22" (depth of cone 10.25")
  • XL: neck 21-25" (depth of cone 12")
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Item # Description Price Each Qty
0L-A1 Comfy-Cone, Small (8-10½" neck) Each $13.99
In Stock
0L-A2 Comfy-Cone, Medium (12-15" neck) Each $18.99
In Stock
0L-A3 Comfy-Cone, Large (14-22" neck) Each $22.99
Back Order
0L-A4 Comfy-Cone, X-Large (21-25" neck) Each $24.99
In Stock

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 - Tuesday, July 24, 2012
The only cone we use now!
Reviewed By:  Beagle mama (Macomb, MI) 
Our Beagle needed to be in a cone for MONTHS after 1)a slipped disk and 2) surgery to remove a cancerous growth from her ear. We started off with the clear plastic cone, but her legs were so stumpy she would catch the leading edge of the cone on the stairs when trying to walk up and be "bounced" back down a few steps. Not good... We tried this and it was a whole new world - no clanging off doorways or stairs, no needing to remove to eat, and we actually left it folded back most of the time to allow for air circulation around her wound. The only downside I saw (smelled!) is that because we had to put sulfur powder on her wound daily, it tended to get smelly - even after we washed it. But, other than that (and nothing a little Febreeze couldn't handle, but it needed to dry thoroughly before putting it back on)we were thrilled! I didn't interfere with her collar, she could still go for walks, eat, sleep etc, etc, and sleep comfortable. We'll never go back to plastic again!

 - Tuesday, November 01, 2011
Love It!
Reviewed By:  Marguerite (Tampa, Fl) 
Bought 2 sizes, one for my yorkies+one for a GSD+a chow chow size. Chow loves it, works, easy to fold up to eat, or to view if they arent chewing their sore at the time+you are watching. Soft to sleep on. Bought doubles so every day can hand wash+put new ones on; a life saver. GSD is nosey dog,as she wants to view the world 24/7 so kong blue blow up style is perfect for her. Little yorkies-some like the seclusion +saftey it offers-one is nosey+likes the blue kong better! I love it because it doesnt kill your legs when a large dog bangs into you running down the hallway with a large plastic bucket type--they hurt! I highly recommend it-Why dont vets carry options? They send you home with plastic buckets+everybody is miserable. Dont mind the price, they work+pets are happy.

 - Friday, June 24, 2011
Great Collar
Reviewed By:  Michaelene (Phenix City, alabama) 
I bought one of each size. And I really like them. the only thing my dog does not like is he can not see anything at all around him. And some of my dogs it scares because they can't see. But they can do so much more with these as there flexible and bend with them in playing or just laying around. The elastic bands the collar goes in could be bigger. As was very hard getting the wide collars thru them. But great for small collars. I would highly recommend these.
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