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EasyClip VERSA™ Clipper Kit

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EasyClip VERSA™ Clipper Kit


Strokes Per Minute: 3,600

Detachable blade Clipper.
12 piece kit with 75% more power than the Super Deluxe Clipper Kit.

Comes with:
3 Blade sizes: 10, 7F and 4F.
4 comb attachments: 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 1/2".
plus DVD and easy to use instructions.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
AC-E1 EasyClip VERSA™ Clipper Kit Each $58.95 $55.99
In Stock
AC-R3 Andis® Replacement Blade - Size 10 Each $14.79
In Stock
AC-R4 Andis® Replacement Blade - Size 7FC Each $14.99
In Stock
AC-R5 Andis® Replacement Blade - Size 5FC Each $19.99
In Stock
AC-R6 Andis® Replacement Blade - Size 4FC Each $22.99
In Stock

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 - Thursday, May 23, 2013
Complete Waste of Money
Reviewed By:  Amber (Milton, FL) 
I wouldn't recommend these clippers to anyone. I've used them maybe a dozen times on my two Yorkies (always cleaning and oiling the blades afterwards) and the motor is already dead. The blades also dulled after two uses (they can't be sharpened, only replaced). Now I have to hassle with the manufacturer to try and get the motor replaced or fixed. I will never buy this brand again.

 - Thursday, May 19, 2011
Andis Eazy Clipper
Reviewed By:  Marshel (Laurel hill, Florida) 
The clippers are O.K , they are not what I was promised when I purchased them the sales rep made them out to be a good professional set of clippers and with fast change heads which was a big plus too, they work OK if you have 1 maybe 2 dogs you only cut every 4-6 months, and their hair isnt fine or soft, with a thicker width to the hair follicle itself, I have very small dogs with Baby fine hair and these clippers are AWFUL for trying to cut them and more then 3 dogs, the clipper heads dull within 3 cuts and doesn't come in a close cut blade like other clippers for doing feet on dogs like poodles or my Maltipoos and Shihpoos, I end up having to cut with scissors since i bought these because they just don't cut feet, and they dull very quickly, don't even bother thinking you'll have the blades sharpened, the only way to get them cutting again is buy new blades, and the 4 you see here are the ONLY ones they make, I wouldn't bother wasting money on these if you need a RELIABLE set of clippers, these are good if you have money to throw away. be smart I was charged 115 dollars just a few months ago for these and you see the prices how fast its falling this a not a good product if you want reliability and a good cut.

 - Friday, January 28, 2011
Great Product
Reviewed By:  Amy (Panama City Beach, Florida) 
This is a great set for trimming your pet at home. I use this for my poodle. The only problem is that you can not use another blade of a different size blade other than the ones that came with it. I wanted to use a 40 blade for my poodle's feet, but there is not one that fits this clipper. But if the blade sizes you need are the ones in the kit you will do great.
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