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Keeping your pets' teeth clean and their gums healthy is important for more than just pleasant breath. By age three, 80% of dogs are showing some symptoms of oral disease...


Anyone who has ever shared their life with a pet with skin issues knows the frustration of, not only fixing the problem, but trying to figure out just what is actually causing the “itchy” skin. Allergies are a very common cause. Our pets can be allergic to everything from foods to fleas to their environment. Many dogs can benefit greatly from simply adding the right supplement to their diet.  Quality supplements such as K-9 ShowStopper, Grizzly Salmon Oil or TheraCoat are loaded with essential fatty acids as well as other ingredients designed to help improve your dogs’ condition from the inside out. A common misconception among owners of “itchy” dogs is that more bathing will help the condition when often times, over-bathing simply makes it worse.  READ MORE

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