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Bio-Case V

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Bio-Case V

Thomas Labs

Quality pancreatic enzymes without a prescription.

Made from whole, raw, freeze-dried porcine pancreas works to improve digestion. Improves absorption of essential nutrients. High concentration of lipase, protease and amylase.

Powder: Ύ to 1 tsp per lb of food

Tablets: 2-3 tablets per meal

Item # Description Price Each Qty
TL-B5 Bio-Case V, 12 oz Powder Each $85.99
In Stock
TL-B6 Bio-Case V, 60 count Each $11.99
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TL-B7 Bio-Case V, 240 count Each $39.95
In Stock

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 - Saturday, November 17, 2012
Saved my older German Shepherd
Reviewed By:  Thalia (Kailua Kona, HI) 
This product, along with a change in diet, has worked wonders for my aging German Shepherd. Over a period of a few months he was eating well but his stools were runny and he was losing muscle, getting thin and his coat turned greasy with increasing hot spots. I prefer a hands one holistic approach over typical vet/drugs approach (steroids, antibiotics) After considerable research and remembering that a vet once told me German Shepherds were prone to pancreatitis (this dog is a rescue), he had the symptoms of IBS, so I changed his diet and found these supplements while shopping for other products online. The icon of a German Shepherd caught my eye so I ordered a month supply. In the space of that month on his new regimen the change in his appearance and energy levels is wonderful. His coat is soft, full and bushy again, he is gaining muscle and weight and his energy levels are great. I wish I discovered and understood what was wrong with him earlier. I'm sure this product was a major factor in turning his health around and I am extremely grateful.He eagerly gulps his "meds" before his meal. One of the quandaries of rescuing multiple pets (I have 4 dogs and 5 cats) is affordable vet care, I, like many others, haved to glean help and information from other sources and am very grateful for these customer reviews and sharing of product experience.

 - Thursday, March 15, 2012
Great Product Great Price
Reviewed By:  Adri (Loiza, Puerto Rico) 
I have a dog rescue and shelter in Puerto Rico. When my own big dog got sick as a pup, our vet determined that he had Pancreatitis. What was prescribed was very expensive and ineffective and I found that I had to increase his dose of pills in order for my Benny's diarrhea to subside. The product was SO expensive and Benny had to be on it the rest of his life, so I started checking and comparing ingredients. When I saw that Bio Case V powder had exactly the same ingredients and was MUCH more affordable, I purchased it and it absolutely does the job. Benny is happier and more energetic. I am so grateful for having found Bio Case V at Jeffers Pet. I had been a customer any way so finding that they had Bio Case V was just the topping on the cake.

 - Sunday, December 04, 2011
Instant Improvement
Reviewed By:  Tawnya (Fountain, fl) 
My cat showing severe symptoms of this disease. He was starving to the point he was attcking my fridge, and howling at us all day long for food no matter how much you fed him. By the time he got his 2nd dose of Bio-Case V he was no longer howling for food, didn't attack us at the fridge, and actually left 1/2 the food in the bowl. He got full! He is now like a totallt different cat! Thank you! GREAT PRODUCT.
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