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The Right Equipment

The clippers I use are the Andis AGC Super 2 Speed and the Andis AGC Lightspeed in low lighting. There are two blades that are necessary, the Super Blocking or Blocking Blade and the Medium Blending Blade. For the beginner, the Andis Blocking Blade is a good choice. This blade is not as sensitive and aggressive as the Super Blocking Blade which offers the sharpest tip available for a more precise cut. Both Blocking Blades are great for shaping, blocking, sculpting, tipping, topping, glues and paints for show day preparation. The medium Blending Blade has a rounder, more beveled tip and the cutter is recessed back from the rest of the blade. The hair goes further into the blade when it cuts. This universal blade is versatile -- it can be used for back dragging, fading, raking, and blending. This blade is ideal when you want to take down the hair, but not too tight; it leaves a small amount of stubble.

-- Kirk Stierwalt

Kirk Stierwalt is an accomplished cattle fitter, educator, judge, and leader in the show cattle industry. In the past 33 years Stierwalt and his family have won numerous awards at prestigious national and internationals shows. Stierwalt contributes his knowledge through his active participation in 4-H and FFA programs conducting clinics, seminars and demonstrations for young people and cattle families.

Since 1987 he has been teaching clinics across the United States and Canada. Stierwalt credits his phenomenal achievements in the cattle industry to his many years of involvement in the business. He enjoys teaching and educating others to help further advance the industry. His focus is to help people obtain the needed skills and techniques that have made him so successful.

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