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Angels' Eyes Tear Stain Remover

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Angels' Eyes Tear Stain Remover

For Dogs.

Angels' Eyes is specifically developed for all breeds of dogs to eliminate tear stains from the inside out!

Wheat and dye free, made of 100% pure beef liver, tylosin and tartate.

No bleaching, peroxide or rubbing to cause irritations.

See results in as little as 3 weeks.
Very safe for dogs.

Just add to pet's food or water. Also helps remove staining around the mouth on the coat due to licking.

Item # Description Price Each Qty
ZX-A5 Angels' Eyes, 1.06 oz (30 g) Each $18.49
ZX-A6 Angels' Eyes, 4.23 oz (120 g) Each $42.95

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 - Monday, August 29, 2011
Works Great!
Reviewed By:  KYBigBlue4u (Lexington, Kentucky) 
This product really does work great. I have two Yorkshire Terriers who have tear/gunk in their eyes. Without this product I would be constantly picking at eye boogers. I have tasted the "beef" flavor myself and it does taste really bitter. Since I have two dogs sprinkling it on their food became hard to get the correct dosage since they eat from the same bowl. They are so cute and take turns taking bites. So my vet suggested mixing it up in some apple sauce and giving it to them as a "treat". So every evening my girls look forward to taking their Angels' Eyes with their apple sauce. Plus you can buy sugar free or low sugar depending on what type of needs your dogs have.

 - Sunday, July 17, 2011
idea to disguise
Reviewed By:  alexmom (anywhere, MD) 
for the finicky puppy, my 14 year old cocker quickly becomes suspicious of anything different in his food as well :) The best fix is to hide it in a spoon of reduced fat peanut butter. I put one layer on the spoon, sprinkle on the angel eyes, then put on another layer. He loves his PB, so I just push the whole spoonful in his mouth at once! I have to watch pills this way--I sometimes find them on the floor later-but the sticky PB usually works! Also mashed bananas, and canned pumpkin--pumpkin is great if you ever have a problem with constipation or stools seem hard, or puppy is straining.

 - Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Really works but puppy does not like
Reviewed By:  RMB (Chico, Ca) 
Great product! Completely removes reddish brown tear stains. However, Puppy will no longer touch food that it's sprinkled on. Any suggestions on how to disguise a teaspoonful a day?
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