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Air Power™

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Air Power™

Finish Line

All natural.

Temporarily opens breathing passages, allowing the horse to get more air. One dose will stop a horse from coughing, usually all day. Helps horses with heaves.

Administer 1/2 oz in AM and PM.

Will not test positive.

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FR-A4 Air Power™, 16 oz Each $18.95
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FR-A5 Air Power™, 34 oz (1 L)
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Each $29.95
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FR-A6 Air Power™, 15 mL (1 dose syringe) Each $4.95
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 - Sunday, March 20, 2011
It works!
Reviewed By:  Diana (Logsden, OR) 
We now have two horses with heaves. We tried three medications (one that was quite expensive!) that did not provide any noticeable relief. Air Power helps nearly immediately and lasts a long while by itself. We use it with AntiHist to prolong the effect. The best thing is that the horses think they are receiving a treat! We pour it over a handful of grain and the bucket is thoroughly cleaned every time!

 - Tuesday, November 02, 2010
Effective on Horses with "Heaves"
Reviewed By:  Lawrence (St Cloud, Fl) 
We have found that using Air Power in conjunction with perscription Dexamethasone provides relief from respirtory disress in an aged mare with Heaves. Using Dex by it's self was not as immediate as the Air Power combo. It is also helpful when our other horses experience congestion. I would recommend it to anyone who has a horse with respiratory congestion.
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