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Dog Vaccination Schedule

New puppies should be vaccinated at 4-6 weeks for Parvo, at 8,12 & 16 weeks give a combination shot. The vaccines listed with stars (***) are optional & should ONLY be given if your dog is in a high risk area.  Annual vaccination for geriatric dogs should ONLY be given after consulting with your vet.

***Never vaccinate a small dog or young pup with Lepto.  The vaccine is not needed & can cause harsh & sometimes fatal reactions.  House dogs do not need to be vaccinated for Lepto; adult inside dogs need to be vaccinated for Lepto only if there is a possibility of traveling in the same area as feral animals.  Please always remember to read label instructions & consult your vet before administering any vaccines.

Virus Name Puppy Doses
< 16 weeks
Adult Doses
> 16 weeks
Distemper 1 dose at 6-8 weeks, 9-11 weeks & 12-14 weeks of age 1 dose Annually
Parvovirus 1 dose at 6-8 weeks, 9-11 weeks & 12-14 weeks of age 2 doses 3-4 weeks apart Annually


1 dose at 6-8 weeks, 9-11 weeks & 12-14 weeks of age 1 dose if MLV

2 doses 2-4 weeks apart if KV

Parainfluenza 1 dose at 6-8 weeks, 9-11 weeks & 12-14 weeks of age 1 dose Annually
Rabies (KV) 1 dose as early as 3 months of age 1 dose 1-3 years or as required by your state law


1 dose at 12 weeks & second dose at 14-16 weeks of age 2 doses, 2-4 weeks apart ***Annually as needed
*****LEPTO VACCINES are NOT recommended for small breed dogs*****
***Bordetella Bronchiseptica (Kennel Cough) 1 dose at 6-8 weeks & 10-12 weeks

*Also can give 1 dose intranasal at 3 weeks of age

2 doses, 2-4 weeks apart ***Annually as needed
***Borrelia Burgdorfei (Lyme Borreliosis killed bacteria) 1 dose at 9-12 weeks & second dose 2-4 weeks later 2 doses, 2-4 weeks apart ***Annually as needed
***Coronavirus 1 dose at 6 weeks of age, then every 2-4 weeks until 12 weeks of age 1 dose if MLV

2 doses, 2 weeks apart if KV or use only if needed

***Annually as needed
This information is the standard vaccination schedule and may vary with manufacturers, therefore further instructions may accompany each vaccine.  Please always read your label instructions & consult your veterinarian before administering.

Realize that all vaccines have to be shipped at some time.  When placed in insulated envelope with ice, they can be safely shipped to you, even in the summertime.  Vaccines are shipped at the first of the week to prevent them from being in transit over a weekend.  When you receive your order, the ice packs will be melted but will have served their purpose of protecting your biologicals.  You should keep your biologicals refrigerated until you use them.
Before you order, make sure the shipping methods & quantities of vaccines you choose are correct & afford the level of protection you believe you need. 

**Biologicals are non-refundable & non-returnable.** 

To shorten your "in transit" time, your biologicals can be shipped Next Day or 2nd Day AIR for an additional charge.  For added protection, special insulated boxes are available for an additional charge.

+All biologicals are labeled- Use entire contents when first opened.

All of our handling controls are based upon advice from the manufacturer, professional consultation & rigorous internal control procedures.

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